Green Living Workshops & Presentations

The following Green Living Classes and Workshops can be arranged for your group, neighborhood, church or organization:

 Organic gardening and edible landscaping, the permaculture way
 Designing & constructing “green” homes and greenhouses
 Alternative sources of energy: solar panels, hydro-electric stations, free energy collectors and wind mills
 Building strong relationships and sharing common grounds with others
 Preparing nutritious foods: cooked & raw
 Modifying & simplifying lifestyles
 How to make “green” cleaning solutions and pest deterrents
 Healthy activities and practices: walking, hiking, yoga, chi gong, meditation
 Folk Crafts: weaving, basketry, candle-making, pottery-making, sewing, knitting, canning, drying foods, foraging, etc.
 The expressive arts: dance, drama, music, drumming, drawing, clay art, which balance the mind and are intrinsically therapeutic


Green Living Presentations 

The following slideshow presentations are currently being up-dated to meet copyright requirements. Green Living Instructors can present them to your students, organization, neighborhood, civic or church group:

Alternative Building Designs & Materials               

Sustainable Communities                     

Alternative and Renewable Energy                                    

The Twelve R’s for Reducing Our Carbon Footprint     

 Contact to schedule a class, workshop or presentation in your facility.                                    


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